About us

EUBA-Antriebstechnik Eller GmbH
manufacturer of adjustable drives


EUBA - this name is associated with nearly 50 years of experience in the development of electrical adjustable drives.

Custom-built solutions are our strength. We offer adjustable drives with forces from 50 daN up to 200,000 daN. A qualified team of engineers and technicians in the internal and external sales team can also advise you on-site regarding the proper selection of your drive. Our quality team ensures this from the outset.

Continuous quality control and innovative development set new standards. For your safety, each drive only leaves our factory after extensive testing.

The adjustment force can be up to 200 000 daN, with an adjustment distance of up to 7,000 mm and variable adjustment speed. Our drives are manufactured with hard-chrome plated push rods as standard (special requests such as a ceramic coating of the push rod can be accommodated). Commercially available motor-gearbox combinations (alternating, direct current etc.) are used, which are connected via a DIN IEC flange to the adjustable drive. Rotary actuators (rotational) can also be flange-mounted.

Qualified staff offer support from the planning phase onwards.

  • Our design team works on specific customer requirements and offers solutions.
  • We have been manufacturing for nearly 50 years with the corresponding high standards.
  • Our installation team carries out installations quickly and professionally.
  • We can also undertake planning and installation of a complete control process.

Benefit from our know-how.

The basis of our drive is the concept which has been tried and tested in heavy industry (steel mills, cement factories, power plants, etc.). The modular design motor drive sensors can be adapted to comply with your particular requirements.

The drive consists of a welded steel construction, appropriately dimensioned and equipped with the EUBA overload switch control bearing , which has been tried and tested thousands of times over. 

The advantages of the overload switch control bearing are:

  • Protection of the drives
  • Axial impacts are absorbed
  • The contact force can be adjusted
  • Wear-free connection of motor and drive (no slipping clutch)

 Overload unitThis means that the drive motor is switched off via the torque switch if an overload in excess of the desired push or pull forces occurs.

Damage to the mechanical adjustable elements and the operating equipment is thus precluded from the outset.