Adjustable drives - technical information

Motor - drive - sensors - mounting: this is the sequence of the simple but effective construction of our adjustable drives, which enable us to offer the appropriate drive for every situation.

The interaction of the motor and the integrated trapezoidal spindle (ball screw) produces the drive's thrust motion. Left and right-hand rotation deliver the thrust or traction motion. We will discuss all aspects with you and would be glad to share our expertise with you.

Together with the reliable overload unit, the quality of our products exceeds those of our competitors considerably. The built-in spring packets enable our drives to absorb impacts and shocks and thus offer considerable protection for your assembly as well. It is impossible to exceed the preset force, since our adjustable drives switch off automatically.

Electromechanical drives offer many advantages when compared with hydraulic and pneumatic applications. A compressor to maintain constant compressive force is no longer needed, which is energy-saving and cost-effective. Our drives can furthermore be filled with environmental-friendly grease, and can therefore be used in the food industry or in drinking water preservation areas without any problems.

We offer a synchronised running as an option. A frequency converter and appropriate motors are used for control. This ensures that (in contrast to synchronous running) precisely the same position is reached by the drive.

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